Recent News

Dr. Kibret Mequanint received $250,000 funding from the New Frontier Research Fund (NFRF) – Exploration for a project titled “Anti-epileptic drug chronotherapy: A single once-a-day capsule/tablet delivering variable doses to match the time of seizure peaks.” According to Canada’s Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat, the objective of the NFRF-Exploration program is to support high risk, high reward and interdisciplinary research. It seeks to inspire projects that bring disciplines together beyond traditional disciplinary or common interdisciplinary approaches by research teams with the capacity to explore something new that might fail, but has the potential for significant impact.

Dr. Kibret Mequanint also received $300,000 funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada for a project titled “Clinically relevant engineered human vascular tissues to study disease and therapy.” This research aims to engineer human arteries to study the causes of artery hardening and artery-clogging diseases and how to prevent or treat them. The engineered tissues in this project will also be interrogated if they can be used to test new cardiovascular drugs. The study will permit scientists and clinicians to have a better understanding of vascular disease causes and treatment options.