Digital Wireless Communication Systems & Networking Laboratory


The Digital Wireless Communication Systems & Networking Laboratory is a research laboratory within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Western Ontario located at Elborn College, within the UWO campus.

The research goals of the lab focus on several different areas of study in the field of Communications Engineering. They include work in simulation and analysis of protocols for both wired and wireless, QoS Management, Antenna Design, etc.

Laboratory Facilities

The lab is equipped with workstations of various types, ranging from single processor pentiums to dual processor Sun workstations. The Sun workstations are primarily used as a platform for running a communications modelling and simulation package from MIL3 called OPNET Modeler which we use for experimental designs. Check out our Academic OPNET Research Projects Page for a sampling of the kind of work that is done in our lab.

Group Members

Faculty MembersGraduate Students
Dr. A.Das
Dr. R.K.Rao
Mr. Jeffrey Weaver
Mr. Usman Rizwan
Ms. Bhumi Dave
Mr. Yan Li
Mr. Rexy Geevarghese
Mr. Mohammed K. Abou-Khsaiwan
Mr. Yasir Barlas
Mr. Yunus Jan
Mr. Richard Clara

Former Group Members

  • Ms. Chuan Xiao [1999-2001], "Signal Design for Digital Communications using Coded CPFSK," (M.Engg., June 2001)

  • Mr. Abul Kalam Md. Golam Azam Akanda [2000-2002 ], "Performance of OFDM in non-Gaussian Environment for Multi-media  Communications," (M.E.Sc.,May 2002)

  • Mr. Imran Ali Tasadduq [2000- 2002] "Novel OFDM-CPM Signals for Wireless Communications: Properties, Receivers and Performance,"(Ph.D.,August, 2002)

  • Mr. Yan Li [2001- 2003]"Correlative Coded OFDM-CDMA Systems with controlled PAPR,"(M.E.Sc.,September 2003)

  • Mr. Rexy J Geevarghese [2001-2003]"Multicarrier Wireless Communications using Decision Combining," (M.E.Sc.,September 2003) 

  • Mr. Mohammed Kamal Abou-Khsaiwan [2001- 2003] "MC-CDMA using OFDM-CPM for wirelessCommunications,"(M.E.Sc.,September 2003]

  • Mr. Yasir Barlas [2002-2004] " Correlated Orthogonal Multicarrier Systems with Decision Directed Receivers for Wireless Applications," (M.E.Sc., May 2004)

  • Bing Xu,[jointly with Prof. A. Das] "Performance of wireless multi-hop ad hoc networks using NS-2 emulation system," (M.E.Sc.,August 2004)

  • Mr. Yunus Jan [2002-] (M.E.Sc.) [Jointly with Prof. A. Das]

  • Mr. Jeffrey Weaver [2002-] (Ph.D) [Jointly with Prof. S.Primak]

  • Mr. Usman Rizwan [2002-] "Voice over IP: An overview of Trends & Technologies," (M.Engg.,May 2004)

  • Ms. Bhumi Dave [2003-2005] "Data Transmission using Generalized Asymmetric CPM Signals," (M.E.Sc.)

  • Mr. Parvez Akhtar,"Noncoherent Detection of Multi-H Phase Codes," [M.Engg., December 2004]

  • Mr. Richard Clara [2003-2005] "OFDM-CPM for MIMO Wireless Communications: Signal Detection and Performance," (M.E.Sc.) [jointly with Prof. A. Das]

  • Mr. Amarpreet S. Atwal [2003-2005] (M.E.Sc.)

  • Mr. Ali Reza Ahmadi [2003-2005] (M.E.Sc.)

  • Mr. Essa Abbas [2003-],  "Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM)," (M.Engg.,May 2004)

  • Mr. Karthikeyan Umapathy, Ph.D. [Jointly with Prof. S.Krishnan]

  • Mr. Yue Cheng [2004- ], M.E.Sc.

  • Ms. G. Gabrani, "Weak Spread Spectrum Signals in Impulsive Interference." (1990)

  • Mr. S. Kukreja, "Bandlimiting of Partial-Response Multi-h CPM Signals." (1991)

  • Mr. R.Rajesh, "Data Transmission using Multi-T/Multi-h CPM Signals." (1991)

  • Mr. P.Ariya, "Signal Processing Applications of Personal Computers." (1991)

  • Mr. S.Thakur, "Optimum Non-coherent Phase-Continuous Multi-h Signals." (1992)

  • Mr. M.P.S.Bhatia, "Signal-space properties of Multi-Mode Phase-Continous Chrip Signals." (1993)

  • On the computation of Marcum-Q Function. (1993)

  • Mr. D.K.Jha, "Locally Optimum Decision-Directed Detection of CPFSK Signals in non-Gaussian Noise." (1993)