Courses Taught

  • Programming Fundamentals for Engineers (ES1036a/b)
  • UNIX and C (SE2250); currently known as Software Construction
  • Algorithm and Data Structure in Object Oriented Design (SE2205)
  • Electric Circuits I (ECE2250)
  • Circuits and Systems (ECE2233)
  • Digital Logic Systems (ECE2277)
  • Software Engineering Ethics and Law (SE4454)
  • Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications (ECE4433)

Teaching Goals

I would like to teach my students with the following goals in mind:

  • After taking a course under my instructions, my students should be fundamentally strong in that course with a very positive and confidant attitude.
  • My students should be able to think critically.
  • My students should be comfortable enough to ask or discuss any course related topic in the open forum, and they should be able to carry on this practice for the rest of their academic and past-academic careers.
  • At the end of the day each of my students should be able to say 'This course is a good learning experience for me'.