Research Projects

Middleware Framework Programming Infrastructure for IoT Services

In this project, we investigate novel requirements models to specify systems that interact heavily with the physical world, propose new programming models and abstractions to facilitate the implementation of such systems, design novel middleware platforms for dynamic management and optimal provision of services and resources, and finally propose security design patterns to safeguard large IoT systems.

CyPress: Software Techniques for the Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems

The project lies within the intersection of software engineering, systems management, and control theory. It aims to build upon emerging international research and development efforts to produce ontologies, development tools, and runtime platforms for cyber-physical systems.

Data Analytics for Residential Energy Management

This project aims to design and develop a data analytics-based system for residential consumers. It will take advantage of the Green Button standard and data collected by smart meters or other energy sensors to provide various energy management features for residential consumers with access to their data in the Green Button format.

Green Button-based Blockchain Architecture for Smart Grids

This research project aims to design and develop generic and extendable software architecture for smart grids to provide consumers with the ability to manage and monitor access to energy data and services, offer a unified interface for energy applications, enable novel ways for direct energy trading, and encourage energy-responsible behaviors.

Blockchain Energy and Social Services

This project will provide consumers with fine control of data sharing with third-party applications and the capability to monitor access to their data. The project will be based on blockchain technologies to enhance security, improve traceability through the immutable ledger, and improve reliability by distributing and replicating transactions over the blockchain nodes.

Big Data Project Lights Path to Energy Savings

In 2018, research grew into a London Hydro partnership with area utilities that became Canada’s first Green Button certification – a program that provides data-driven digital solutions for customers to manage their electricity, natural gas and water. The program enables customers, large and small, to share their data with secure, private third-party apps and better predict and save on utility costs.