Software Engineering Laboratory

Dr. Capretz's work is trans-disciplinary, based on knowledge taken from at least two sub-disciplines of software engineering, and focuses particularly on the areas of software analytics and predictive modeling, software metrics and maturity models, computational intelligence and predictive analytics, technology-enhanced teaching and software engineering education, software verification & validation, and human factors in software engineering. He has supervised over 100 research associates, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate and graduate students.

My Research Group

Research Graduates

  • Faheem Ahmed
    Process Maturity Model for Software Product Line
    Ph.D. and M.E.Sc., Department Chair and Professor at Thompson River University, Canada.

  • Ali Bou Nassif
    Early Software Prediction from UML Diagrams
    Ph.D. and Post-Doc Fellow, Assistant Head and Professor at University of Sharjah, UAE.

  • Arif Raza
    Open Source Software Usability
    Ph.D. and Post-Doc Fellow, Assistant Professor at Confederation College in Thunder Bay/ON.

  • Jeff Xu
    Empirical Analysis of a Procedure to Derive Software Defect Estimation Models
    Ph.D., Testing Manager at Atos Origin, China.

  • Muasaad Alrasheedi
    A Maturity Model for Mobile Learning
    Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Arab Open University, Saudi Arabia.

  • Saiqa Aleem
    A Maturity Model for the Computer Game Industry
    Assistant Professor at Zayed University, UAE.
  • Tamer Mohamed
    Automatic Recall of Lessons Learned for Software Project Managers
    Ph.D., Business Development Manager at WorldDiscovery@Western in London.

  • Yuxuan Huang
    Machine Learning for Stock Prediction Based on Fundamental Analysis 
  • M.E.Sc., Associate Programmer Analyst at Broadridge Financial Solutions in Toronto.
  • Siyuan Liu
    Automated Driving System Disengagement Analysis and Testing Recommendations
    M.Eng., Business Analyst in a start-up in Toronto.
  • Sonia Meskini
    Reliability Models Applied to Smartphone Applications
    M.E.Sc., Software Engineer at Emergent in Toronto.

  • Ekananta Manalif
    Software Risks Models through the Software Life Cycle
    M.E.Sc., Business Analyst at Great-West Life Assurance in Winnipeg.

  • Ali Abdallah
    A Framework for Measuring Usability Aspects of Mobile Learning
    M.E.Sc., Officer at Libyan Ministry of Education.

  • Vivian Wei Xia
    Calibrating Software Size of Function Points Using Neuro-Fuzzy Technique
    M.E.Sc., Software Engineer at HSBC in Vancouver.

  • Weilin Du
    Neuro-Fuzzy Model with SEER-SEM for Software Effort Estimation
     M.Eng and M.E.Sc., Quality Assurance Analyst at DRN in London/ON.

  • Lihua Wang
    Data Format Description Language for Binary Data
    M.E.Sc., Software Engineer at EK3 in London/ON.

  • Liang Wei
    Benchmarking Software Recommendation Tools
    M.Eng., BI Developer with LoyaltyOne in Toronto.

  • Yitian Lu
    Point-to-Point Bus Route Suggestion System for London
    M.Eng., Software Quality Analyst at KOBO in Toronto.

  • Abhinav Pathak
    Hybrid Android News Application Powered by SaaS Content Management System
    M.Eng., Software Engineer at in London/ON.

  • Karthiga Rudranarayanan
    Analysis of MOOCs in Software Engineering Context
    M.Eng., Software Tester at Tyco Systems in Toronto.

  • Liang Han
    Large Scale Data Analytics
    M.Eng., Software Engineer at Citibank in Toronto.

  • Ashok Reddy
    Manufacturing Plant Integration System (MPIS)
     M.Eng., Lead Enterprise Architect at CGI in Toronto.

  • Justin Wong
    Calibrating FP Backfiring Conversion Ratios Using Neuro-Fuzzy Technique
    M.E.Sc., Software Engineer at SAP in Vancouver.

  • Timothy Hayes
    A Layered Framework for Surgical Simulation
    M.E.Sc., Software Engineer at NGRAIN in Vancouver.

  • Gurmukh Dhillon
    Health Information Portal
    M.Eng., Application Developer at Sun Life Financial in Waterloo.

  • Harpreet Gill
    Report Requirement Tools
    M. Eng., Mobile/web Developer at Plastic Mobile in Toronto.

  • Manpreet Sareen
    Regression Testing Criteria for System Tests
    M.Eng., Software Engineer in London.

  • Mohammad Ashraf Ali
    An Animation Tool to Teach Unit Testing
    M.Eng., Software Engineer in Toronto.

  • Sudheer Peddinenikalava
    Knowledge Management Architecture
    M.Eng., Software Engineer in Toronto.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Human Factors, MBTI and Conflict Survey Application

  • Shuo Yang
    Benchmarking Source-Code Similarity Tools
    M.Eng., Software Engineer with Bell in Toronto.

  • Ran Hu
    Review of Free Online Software Engineering Courses
    M.Eng., Software Engineer in Toronto.

  • Xiangjing Li
    A Saas LAMP Ajax Implementation of a Sales Management System
    M.Eng., Software Engineer at IBM in Toronto.

  • Yadira Lizama
    Unpopularity of Software Testing
    University of Informatics Science, Cuba, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Isabella Moreira dos Santos
    Towards Understanding the Relationship between Team Composition and Team Process
    Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Cleviton Monteiro
    Motivation in Software Engineering
    Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Shirley Cruz
    Creating Productive Software Development Teams
    Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Yadenis Perez
    Human Resources and Competence in Software Projects
    University of Informatics Science, Cuba, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Daniel Varona
    Personality Types in Software Tasks Choices
    University of Informatics Science, Cuba, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Qimin Gao
    UML Extensions and Schedulability Analysis for Real-Time Systems
    M.E.Sc., Control Engineer at Dematic, Grand Rapids, USA.

  • Xishi Huang
    A Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Software Cost Estimation
    Software Engineer at Claron Technologies in Toronto.

  • Ruipeng Li
    Assessing Recommender Systems with MovieTweetings and MovieLens Datasets
    M.Eng., Big Data Analyst at Transnomis in Toronto.

  • Cleyton Magalhaes
    Building a Theory of Job Specialization in Software Engineering
    Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Ronnie Edson de Souza Santos
    Towards a Theory of Job Rotation in Software Engineering
    Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, DFAIT-ELAP Research Fellow.

  • Zack Bigirwa
    Implementing and Testing Micro-services in Large Organizations
    M.Eng., Software Engineer in Toronto..

Current Students

  • Mouza Al Blooshi
    Ph.D., A Maturity Model for Software Technical Debt, in progress.

  • Susmita Haldar
    Ph.D., Automated Testing Processes, in progress.

  • Christopher Tam
    M.E.Sc., Investigating Continual Learning Strategies in Neural Networks, in progress.