Girl Guide Units

Our Western Engineering Outreach instructors provide hands-on activities and projects for Girl Guides groups to earn science, technology, engineering & mathematics badges. 

In each of our workshops, participants are introduced to a various strands of engineering as well as activities that count toward their respective badges. 

In the 2022-2023 school year, we will be offering in-person or virtual visits. Session times are flexible with a variety of badge options for guide groups to choose from. Girl Guides groups will participate in 2 1-hour workshops on different days in order to receive their chosen badge. In-person sessions and virtual materials kits are $25 for 10 students (ex. 30 students would be $75).

Available Badges and Workshops

Build Skills: Life Stuff

  1. Ozobot Life!: learn fundamental coding skills with Ozobots...while only using markers! (in-person only)
  2. Sweet Tooth: let's make candy using chemical engineering! (virtual or in-person)


Be Well: My Mighty Mind

  1. Microbit Health Watch: Code your own smart watch using microbits! (in-person only)
  2. Woebot: Who do you talk to when you're feeling down? Why not a robot? (in-person only)


Experiment and Create: Design Space

  1. Paint Catapults: Ready, aim, art! (virtual or in-person)
  2. Wobble Bots: Create your own drawing robot with this simple circuit activity! (virtual or in-person)


Ontario Network of Women in Engineering (ONWiE)

  1. Bridging the Gap: Explore civil engineering by competing in bridge competitions! (virtual or in-person)
  2. You've Got Potential: Apply your knowledge of potential energy to make a light up windmill! (virtual or in-person)



Registration for Spring Girl Guide Badge Sessions will open soon! Email to be notified when registration opens.

Note: Only Girl Guide Unit Leaders can register for badge workshops. If you are a parent who is interested in the event, please ask your local Girl Guide group for more information.  

Our Girl Guide Engineering Badge workshops are made possible through the valuable support of Western Engineering & the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering.