Teacher Professional Development Program

Throughout the year, the Western Engineering Outreach team offers and participates in a variety of Teacher Professional Development workshops across London and the surrounding area. Interested in learning more? Contact us at discover@uwo.ca.


There are no professional development workshops currently booked. If you would like to request a workshop specific to your school, please contact us at discover@uwo.ca.


WE MADEIT in the Classroom

WE MADEIT in the Classroom is a program designed by a consortium consisting of Hydro One, Western University, Ryerson University, Ontario Tech University and Waterloo University. The program offers STEM professional development for teachers working in grade 7-8 classrooms with the potential to run in grade 5-6 classrooms.

WE MADEIT has run successfully for the last five years in the Waterloo District School Board, Toronto District School Board, Thames Valley District School, St Clair Catholic District School Board and Lambton Kent District School Board, reaching over 500 teachers and 18000 students. Western Engineering Outreach is looking to expand more into southwestern Ontario with school boards like LKDSB.

WE MADEIT has 12 FREE curriculum-linked activities, and provides all professional development workshop materials for a cross curricular learning experience. For more information on the program please visit: http://wemadeit.ca/teachers/


Coding Teacher Professional Development

Western Engineering Outreach is eager to help teachers bring coding into their classrooms as a method of reaching cross-curricular expectations.

We currently offer two workshops:

Coding 101 

In this workshop, teachers will be introduced to the basics of coding and learn how to use block coding software with applications to various math, language, and science curriculum strands. Available for two grade levels: SK-3 and 4-8. 

Coding 101 for SK-3

Coding 101 for SK - Grade 3 offers two fun and engaging lessons for teachers to introduce coding to their classroom, and includes an exploration of Scratch Jr. Lessons include an unplugged activity and a plugged activity. 

Coding 101 for 4-8

Coding 101 for Grade 4-8 explores block coding with the Micro:bit and includes two lessons for teachers to bring coding to life in their class. Lessons include an unplugged activity and a plugged activity.

Micro:bit Script Coding

In our new coding session, Micro:Bit Script Coding, teachers with some prior coding experience will be introduced to script coding on the Micro:Bit platform and receive a lesson to bring script coding into their classroom! Suggested for grades 4-8.


3D Printer Teacher Professional Development

In this new teacher professional development workshop, teachers will be introduced to modelling 3D designs on Tinkercad software and discuss how to use 3D printers as learning tools in the classroom.


Technology Loaning Program

As an extension of the Western Engineering Outreach Teacher PD program, teachers can request to borrow technology for 1-4 weeks to bring hands-on learning to their classrooms. Available technology and request forms are distributed via email to teachers who have participated in the Teacher PD program. The Technology Loaning Program is only available to teachers who have completed a PD workshop with Western Engineering Outreach.

If you have participated in a teacher PD workshop, you can request technology here.