Leaving Western

Programs for Western students:  Allows you to study overseas and earn credit towards your Western degree.   You can study overseas for either one semester or for a full year.  While on exchange, you remain enrolled at Western and continue to pay tuition fees to Western. No additional tuition fees are paid to the host university.  Western has partnerships with many universities around the world.

Department Sponsored Programs:  Fosters exchange with few “hand-picked” universities in order that you can take courses from the host institution’s engineering program with minimal delay on your program duration at Western.  In most cases, you can expect to graduate within the usual four years. This allows you to spend an additional year or two to take up other useful programs such as an internship or PEME offered at Western.

Other Programs: Gives freedom in choice of university/country and allows you to enroll in programs such as WE Go Global. Overall duration of program cannot be guaranteed and you may typically expect to spend an additional semester.  However, MME exchange program director and your academic counselor will work with you to tailor your program so that you can complete your degree with minimal delay.

Application: Needs to be made through Western international exchange office before the posted deadlines and you must adhere to the eligibility requirements.

Useful Links: Provide you with the most useful sites and resources that are related to your exchange program

FAQ: are updated periodically and you are requested to visit this site prior to contacting MME International exchange program director