Coming to Western

Program for International Students at Western:

Allows students from international universities to attend Western and earn credit towards your degree.   While on exchange, you remain enrolled at your home institution and continue to pay tuition fees. No additional tuition fees are paid to Western.  However, you may be required to pay Western health insurance and ancillary fees.  Western has partnerships with many universities around the world. You are advised to check with your institution if they have partnerships with Western, prior to planning your exchange program.

Department Sponsored Programs: 

Fosters exchange with students from few “hand-picked” universities in order that you can take courses from UWO engineering program with minimal delay on your program duration.  In most cases you can expect to graduate within the usual four years.  You must consult with your Departmental / Faculty / University exchange coordinators for initiating your exchange program. 

Other Programs:

Allows students from universities other than those in the MME sponsored list to take courses at Western. A comprehensive list of Western partner universities is available.  You are welcome to direct any queries to the Western MME department through your home university exchange coordinator. 


Needs to be made through your home institution and you must check with your international exchange program coordinator regarding deadlines and eligibility criteria. 

Useful Links:

Provide you with the most useful sites and resources that are related to exchange program at Western for incoming students.



Are updated periodically and you are encouraged to visit this site prior to directing your queries to your International exchange program director