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Graduate Seminar Series

Each graduate student is required to attend and participate in the Graduate Seminar Series. The seminar is held weekly, with attendance being taken. Each student is required to attend a minimum of 75% each term, throughout the duration of his/her program.

Each Ph.D. student is also required to present a seminar each year, as well as act as a Facilitator for other seminar presentations.

The Ph.D. student's presentation may be considered as a presentation for his/her advisory committee (to tie in with the yearly progress). It is therefore important that an advisory committee member for each individual student (in which he/she serves on the advisory committee), attend the seminar presentation.

Graduate Milestone

The graduate seminar will appear on each student's academic record as a milestone, which must be satisfied prior to completion of his her program.

Seminar Schedule

The seminar schedule is finalized at the beginning of the fall term, for both the Fall and Winter terms. The list and schedule will available each term, on the MME website as well as being posted on the graduate bulletin board. This list may be subject to change so it is advisable for each student to check this site regularly.

Seminar Guidelines

Seminar Evaluation