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The Faculty of Engineering is aware of the recent announcement from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada related to an intake cap on international student permit applications.  We would like to ensure applicants of the Master of Engineering (MEng) programs that this does not apply to the MEng programs, and thos pursuing MESc and PhD degrees are not inclued in the cap.  You are encouraged to regularly consult the IRCC website for updates.

Graduate Research Program

The Research MESc or PhD program is a full-time thesis-based research degree, which is approximately two (MESc) or four (PhD) years in duration.
    •    Accelerated Masters of Engineering Science (Accel. MESc)
    •    Masters of Engineering Science (MESc)
    •    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    •    Direct Entry PhD

Graduate Professional Program

The Professional MEng program is a course-based degree that may be a combination of course work and a project, or complete course-work.  This degree may be obtained on either a full or part-time basis, and is typically one year in duration (full-time).
Information regarding the MME Course list for the Professional MEng Program may be found here

 Opportunities for Collaborative Specialization

Important Dates & Events

May 1: Summer term begins

May 15: Add deadline to enrol in MME Graduate Courses

May 30: Drop deadline for MME Graduate Courses

September 1: Fall term begins

September 15: Add deadline to enrol in MME Graduate Courses

September 30: Drop deadline for MME Graduate Courses

January 1: Winter term begins

January 15: Add deadline to enrol in MME Graduate Courses

January 30: Drop deadline to drop MME Graduate Courses

Graduate Seminar Series: Mondays at 1:30 p.m.

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