Accelerated Masters Program

4th Year Engineering Students who have an average mark of 80% over their 2nd & 3rd years may be eligible for the Accelerated Masters Program. At the end of their 3rd year students will find a professor willing to act as advisor and provide financial support for their future MESc studies. The department will accept this student for future MESc study, on the condition that an average of at least 75% will be maintained during their 4th year undergraduate courses.

The student may take up to 2 graduate half courses in their 4th year. These courses are extra courses and will not contribute to their undergraduate degree. If a mark of 75% or higher is obtained in these courses , advanced credit for these two courses will automatically be granted upon MESc registration.

Students would immediately be admitted as an MESc student in May following the completion of their 4th year undergraduate term.

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