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Iftekhar Naqavi

In broad terms my research interests are in experimental and computational fluid dynamics particularly large eddy simulation, numerical methods, laser material interaction and phase change. Currently I am investigating thin film cooling for gas turbines. A two pronged strategy of experiment and computation is under way. For experimental work a high-speed flow facility has been developed in the form of a blow down wind tunnel. In this tunnel small inclined wall jets are introduced in mainstream of some 100 m/sec to create thin fluid film along the surface. PIV and LDV will be used to investigate the flow field.

For computation a LES code is being developed. The code is developed using fractional step scheme on Cartesian staggered grids. In this code different kinds of boundary conditions are being incorporated which allow simulation of a variety of flows.

Here are some presentations about my current and previous work:
Direct numerical simulation of scalar transport in a free surface jet
LES of thin-film cooling for turbine blades
LES of jet in crossflow
Large Eddy Simulation
Inclined jets in cross-flow
               July 2004 presentation
August 2004 presentation
September 2004 presentation
A numerical investigation of heating in relation to laser drilling

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