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Collaboration, support, and funding for our research

Central Michigan University - Collaboration on numerical simulation of storm flows.
China Jiliang University - Collaboration on experimental bluff-body aerodynamics.
Ecole Centrale de Nantes - Collaboration with Equipe Dynamique de l'Atmosphère Habitée
                                                         (The Dynamics of Inhabited Atmosphere Team)
Institute of Hydrodynamics - Collaboration on jet-in-crossflow experiments.
Institute of Hydromechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Shibaura Institute of Technology - Collaboration on bird aerodynamics and jet experiments.
University of Calgary - Collaboration on turbomachinery, biofluids, and CFD projects.
University of Saskatchewan - Collaboration on bluff-body aerodynamics.
University of Toronto - Collaboration on mould sensor research.
Western Engineering, The University of Western Ontario
UWO BLWTL - Collaboration on wind engineering research.

ADAPCO provides computer aided assessments for mechanical equipment users.
Dantec Dynamics and TSI Incorporated provide products/services for the measurement of
      fluid velocity, turbulence, temperature, concentration and particle size.
UMS specializes in mechanical repair, product development, and manufacturing for research.
VWR International distributes scientific equipment, supplies, chemicals and furniture.
Electronics Shop at Western Engineering provides products and expertise related to
      electronic equipment.
Yves at the Western Chemistry glassblowing shop is quite helpful regarding special
      glassware needs.

Canadian Electricity Association Technologies International, Inc. (CEATI)
Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR)
Manitoba Hydro
Militex Coatings Inc.
NSERC invests in Canada's capability in science and technology by supporting fundamental
      research through grants, by supporting applied research through partnerships between
      academia and industry, and by furthering the advanced training of personnel in both areas.
OCE invests in scientific excellence and commercial viability to drive Ontario's productivity
      and global competitiveness.
Our research is supported by the Earth and Environmental
      Technologies, Materials and Manufacturing, and Photonics divisions.
Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT)
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Siemens VDO Automotive

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