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Equipment, Knowledge Base, and Online Tools

The Advanced Fluid Mechanics Research Group has at its disposal state of the art equipment, wind tunnels and computing facilities. Below is a list of equipment used by AFM to achieve accurate experimental and computational solutions to complex fluid engineering problems. Click on an active link to see a picture of that particular piece of equipment or a link to a relevant website.

  CCD Visualization System - High speed video capture.
Laser Doppler Velocimetry Optics and Processors - Two 4W Ar-ion lasers, One 300mW Ar-ion
      (air-cooled) laser, several He-Ne lasers, optics and processors to accomodate for
       1, 2, or 3 component systems.
Phase Doppler - 2 component, non-intrusive, in-situ simultaneous particle / droplet / bubble
       velocity-size distributions
Phase Doppler Anemometer Optics and Processors - For 2 component system
Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter - 3 component, non-intrusive system for on-site measurements
      in water
Anemometry - 1 and 2 component non-intrusive systems for stationary and rotating machinery
      flows, for air or water flows
Particle Image Velocimeter (PIV) - Stereoscopic 3-component velocity field measurements
Laser Induced Fluorescence - Qualitative flow visualization
Infrared Sensors - Non-contact measurements
Hot Wire Anemometers - 24 channel rake
Differential Pressure Transducers - 12 channel simultaneous differential pressure
      transducer system with range of +/- 1" water gauge
Multiple Data Acquisition Systems - using LabVIEW and various other software
Up to 1000 simultaneous pressure sensor channels through Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel
LDV Manuals: LDV System Manual and LDV Probe Manual

Hardware - Sun and SGI Systems, SharcNET supercomputer, 5 CFD workstations with Dual
      Pentium Xeon Processors - 1 GB DDR RAM, 160 GB hard disks, and NVIDIA Quadro FX video
Software - I-DEAS, AutoCAD, ProE WildFire, CFX, for CFD workstations - dual boot capability
      for Windows XP and RedHat Linux 9.0, with capability to run Fortran 95, Fluent 6.1, Tecplot 10
      and Matlab 7.0

Open, Suction-type Wind Tunnels - 3 with 45 x 45cm test sections, max. velocity 70 km/h -
      Tunnel 1
Tunnel 2
Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory - Large section, closed loop atmospheric wind
      tunnel and deep water wave tank known as BLWT II; large section, open-type, low speed
      aerodynamic wind tunnel known as BLWT I; closed loop wind tunnel with flexible acrylic
(low speed section).
Open Channel Flume - Cold water (-25 C winter conditions) tilting flume
       0.3 m wide x 0.5 m deep x 5m
Large Tub - 2m x 2m x 1m tub equipped to investigate submerged air flows in water

Caltech Journal Title Abbreviations
ERCOFTAC Classic Collection Database
Report Formatting Tips
NI Electronic Wiring and Noise Reduction Guide

Caltech ETDs - Electronic Theses and Dissertations from California Institute of Technology.
Georgia Tech Collections - Public access to institutional publications and recent theses from
      Georgia Institute of Technology.
McGill Engineering Technical Reports - Technical reports of the Dept of Mechanical Eng
       (>350 reports mainly from 1949-1977) on aerodynamics, gas dynamics, micro-mechanics,
       supersonic combustion, high altitude and space research, and hypersonic propulsion.
NASA Technical Reports Server - Public access to research reports, journal articles,
       conference and meeting papers, technical videos, mission-related operational documents,
       and preliminary data.
UWO Library "How to Find Dissertations" - Tutorial on how to access dissertations from different areas
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies - Reports, reviews, and technical
       notes. Mr. Tony Roberts is quite helpful in tracking down less accessible documents.
University of Western Ontario, Interlibrary Loans - Rapid access to collections by electronic
      request (RACER).

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