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About AFM
Mission statement and description

The Advanced Fluid Mechanics (AFM) Research Group is an interdisciplinary team based in the Faculty of Engineering with collaborative affiliations to the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, the J.P. Robarts Research Institute and the Department of Applied Mathematics. The main purposes of the group are to further fundamental and applied research in the general area of fluid and thermal sciences, to promote technology transfer with industry and to provide training for highly qualified personnel. To achieve this end, our research group utilizes internationally competitive experimental and computational facilities and methods.

The fundamental and applied research profile concentrates in the areas of turbulence, bluff body aerodynamics, environmental sciences, heat transfer, biomedical flows and single- and multi-phase systems. Our research is put to use in the automotive sector, heat exchangers, food manufacturing and processing, electronic cooling, sensor design, particle separators (active filters), turbo-machinery and pipe networks. We are involved in the transfer of new technologies as well as the training of technical personnel and engineers.

In addition to traditional velocimetry methods, we specialize in non-intrusive laser, infra-red and ultra-sound measurement techniques. Particle-sizing, temperature and pressure measurements are part of our research programme. State-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations can be provided with our in-house and commercially developed codes.

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