Western Engineering Summer Academy (WESA)

The Western Engineering Summer Academy is designed to offer ambitious students going into Grades 9-12 who excel in math and science the opportunity to explore different types of engineering, learn about university life, and add to their extracurriculars for further enrichment. These courses allow students to work in Western’s top research facilities and teaching environments. The courses are taught by Western Engineering professors and graduate students.

Western Engineering Outreach will offer three week-long Western Engineering Summer Academy courses for the summer of 2024! All courses will be held at Western University's Faculty of Engineering. Once registered for your course of choice, pick-up and drop-off locations and registration rooms will be provided.


To register for WESA go to our Western Outreach Portal.

Week 1
Week 2 - Just for Girls Week 3
Mechatronics Engineering Satellites and Space Exploration Integrated Engineering
July 15 - 19 August 6 - 9 (Four Day Week) August 19 - 13

With no overlap, students can choose which engineering discipline suits them best or try them all!

Mechatronics Engineering, July 15 - 19:

In the Mechatronics Engineering WESA Course, you will have the chance to learn all about what Mechatronics offers, with lessons in Electrical, Software, and Mechanical Engineering. Learn through a mixture of classroom and hands-on lab settings as you are immersed in typical activities performed by Mechatronics Engineers, along with tours of Western facilities and Cronyn Observatory. We will provide students with a computer during activities and workshops throughout the week.

J4G Satellites and Space Exploration, August 6 - 9 (Four Day Week):

Students will delve into the world of Satellites and Space Exploration. This course is led by Electrical Engineering professor Jayshri Sabarinathan, who launched a satellite into space and is researching electricity at the nano level. Students will learn about how Western builds, launches, communicates and operates small satellites (called CubeSats), including our first satellite, Ukpik-1. In addition to CubeSAT, students will explore related topics such as amateur radio and Earth observations from space. Learning will take place through hands-on activities and facility visits on campus. We will provide students with a computer during activities and workshops throughout the week.

Integrated Engineering, August 19 - 23: 

In the Integrated Engineering WESA course, students will get a taste of various engineering disciplines that Western has to offer. Students will visit research facilities like the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Lab, the Smart Cities & Communities Lab, and more! They will also learn about leadership with a special guest speaker from Ivey Business School and do hands-on Artificial Intelligence activities with a Western engineering professor. We will provide students with a computer during activities and workshops throughout the week.


Cost varies depending on the length of the week, ranging from $260 (4-day-week) to $325 (5-day-week).

Bursary Program

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