Engineering and Business Combined Degree Program

The Honors Business Administration (HBA) at the Ivey School of Business is Canada’s foremost undergraduate business program and recognized internationally for the leadership opportunities created for its graduates. Combined with a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree, graduates go on to work in nearly every industry, from engineering companies and strategy consulting to finance.

For this five-year program, students complete their first two years in Engineering and then join the HBA program in third year. The final two years are integrated between the two undergraduate programs. Interested high school students should apply for Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) status from Ivey. Admission to Ivey is conditional on performance in the first two years of an undergraduate program.

The Ivey HBA degree can be combined with Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Green Process, Integrated, Mechanical, Mechatronic Systems, and Software Engineering programs. Registering in the dual degree program allows you to earn two degrees in five years instead of six.


The Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) extends conditional, pre-admission status to the HBA Program to exceptional high school students. A competitive Ivey AEO application includes:

  • 90%+ average in your best Grade 12 high school courses including English
  • Completion of a mathematics course for university-bound students
  • Demonstrated leadership in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and work experience.

Engineering - Year 1

In Western Engineering’s Common First Year you and your engineering classmates will take the same courses–including Business for Engineers–and you will have the opportunity to participate in activities to help with the transition to university life and an upper year program.

Engineering - Year 2

In Year Two of engineering you will be studying in one of the eight core Upper Year Programs:

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Electrical
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Integrated

Ivey HBA - Year 3

Your third year is your first year in the Ivey HBA Program (HBA1). You work with the same classmates, in the same classroom, with a dedicated faculty team. You cover the essentials of what every good manager needs to know and be able to do.

Engineering & HBA - Year 4 & 5

The final two years of your degree are integrated between the two undergraduate programs. You will build on the engineering and business knowledge and skills developed over the first three years.