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Metal Air Batteries

Alkali metal-oxygen (Li-O2 and Na-O2) batteries have attracted a great deal of attention recently due to their high theoretical energy densities, which is comparable to gasoline, making them attractive candidates for use in electrical vehicles. However, the limited cycling life and low energy efficiency (high charging overpotential) of these cells hinder their commercialization. Li-O2 battery system has been extensively studied in this regard. On the other side, Na-O2 batteries show a number of attractive properties such as low charging overpotential and high round-trip energy efficiency. Understanding the chemistry behind Na-O2 cells is critical towards enhancing their performance and advancing their development.


We design and synthesize nanostructured air electrodes to improve the efficiency and cycle life of alkali metal-O2 batteries. We also study the reaction mechanisms governing the chemistry of these cells to understand the failure mechanism of the cells and employ that knowledge to enhance our future designs. Meanwhile, we work on protection mechanisms for metallic Li and Na anodes as well as solid-state electrolytes to further enhance the performance and safety of the future metal-O2 batteries.



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