Advanced Nanomaterials for Clean Energy GroupWestern Engineering

All-solid-state Batteries

All-solid-state batteries have been regarded as the most promising next generation batteries for energy storage, especially for electrical vehicle application. Due to the numerous efforts in last decades, high energy solid-state battery systems have become available. However, there are still some challenges, such as interface instability, hindering the wide-spread of solid-state batteries. 


In virtue of atomic/molecular layer deposition and synchrotron radiation techniques, we are dedicated to understanding the scientific problems in solid-state batteries, designing the interface between electrolytes and electrodes at the nanometer scale, and addressing the key challenges of solid-state batteries toward large-scale production. Generally, our research includes: (1) developing solid-state electrolytes, e.g., oxides, sulfides, polymers, and composites; (2) engineering the interface between electrolytes and electrodes; (3) analyzing interface instability by advanced characterizations, such as HRTEM and synchrotron radiation techniques; (4) fabricating prototype solid state batteries for real application.