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Hamid Abdolvand 
Associate Professor, Ph.D., P.Eng.  

2017- 2022: Assistant Professor at Western University 

2013- 2016: Postdoc at the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. Supervisor: Prof. Angus Wilkinson 

2012- 2013: Postdoc at the University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Supervisor: Prof. Philip Withers 

2008- 2012: PhD, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada. 
Supervisor: Prof. Mark Daymond 

2001- 2007: MSc and BSc, Iran University of Sceince and Technology.

Research Mechanics of materials across length and time scales- both modeling and experiment.
Fatigue, fracture, and (irradiation) creep.  
Finite element, crystal plasticity, and dislocation dynamics.
Synchrotron x-ray, neutron, and electron diffraction/tomography.
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Karim Louca

PhD Candidate

Co-supervisor  N/A
Karim’s research focuses on the fundamentals of deformation in HCP polycrystals such as zirconium and magnesium using diffraction techniques such as three-dimensional synchrotron X-ray diffraction. Karim joined MSDL in 2018 from American University of Sharjah where he got his BSc, and received his MESc from Western in 2019.


Alireza Tondro

PhD Candidate (Direct PhD program)

Co-supervisor N/A

Alireza's research focuses on undrestanding stress-assisted diffusion of atoms in anisotropic materials. Alireza joined MSDL in September 2019 from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) where he got his B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his undergraduate degree, he studied formability of sheet metals used in automotive industry using ABAQUS.


Saiedeh Marashi

PhD Student 

Co-supervisor N/A

Saiedeh's reseach focuses on the micromechanics of fracture of polycrystals. She received her BSc and MSc degress from Sharif University of Technology in civil engineering and structural engineering, respectively. Before joinig MSDL in 2021, her field of study was mechanics of materials, computational mechanics and more specificaly, micromechnics of defects in solids.  


Bolin Fu

PhD Candidate

Co-supervisor Prof. Robert Klassen 

Bolin's research focuses on the spherical micro-indentation tests on hexagonal close-packed metals. Bolin got his bachelor's degree from Hefei University of Technology and received his MESc from Western in 2020.


Masoud TaheriJam

PhD student 

Co-supervisor N/A

Masoud is currently working on advanced CPFE modeling of hydrogen diffusion in metals and alloys. He obtained his MSc in Structural Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, and his BSc in Civil Engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology. Before joining MSDL, he studied augmented continuum mechanics and wave propagation in solids.


Amirhosein Mozafari

PhD Student (Direct PhD program)

Co-supervisor N/A

Amirhosein's current project focuses on additive manufacturing of nickel superalloys used in gas turbines and advanced finite element modeling. Before joining MSDL in September 2022, he studied and published papers in the area of energy absorption and crashworthiness behaviour of thin-walled structures. 


Khaled El-Sobahi

MESc student 

Co-supervisor N/A

Khaled's current project focuses on multiaxial deformation of metal alloys. Khaled holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lebanese University and joined MSDL in September 2022.

 MEng Studnets: 


Undergraduate Students:  Brandon Kuo (2022-2023)
 Research Assistants: 

Caitlyn Ruck (2022-2023)

Previous members of the Group
Student Year Degree Supervisors  Project Destination
Omid Sedaghat 2018-2022 PhD  Abdolvabd  A nonlocal CPFE model  PDF, McMaster University 
Ahmed Aburakhia 2020-2022 MESc Abdolvand Additve manufacturing of Hasetlloy-X N/A
David Ilgert 2021-2022 MEng Abdolvand Modeling zirconium hydrides Wolfe Heavy Equipment
Yufie He 2021-2022 MEng Abdolvand EBSD analysis of HCP alloys Manaflex, Taicang, China
Brooke Bidyk 2021-2022 BSc Abdolvand Modeling the interaction of hydrides Kinectrics 
Zekun Wang 2020-2021 BSc Abdolvand Zirconium hydrides MESc Student at Western 
Ivan Ho 2020-2021 BSc Abdolvand Modeling hydrogen transport Ontario Power Generation (OPG)
Prashant Shelar 2019-2021 MESc Abdolvand/Butler Dental materials N/A
Abdulla Alawadi 2018-2020 MESc Abdolvand Measrurement and modeling of micro-residual stresses in CANDU pressure tubes Moalajah waste water treatment plant, UAE
Ahmad Al-Mutairi 2019-2020 BSc Abdolvand Formation of delta Zirconium hydrides Imperial Oil
Harshal Gala 2018-2019 MEng Abdolvand Design of a multiaxial deformation rig  Veoneer
Karim Louca 2018-2019 MESc Abdolvand 3D-XRD and stress analysis of HCPs PhD student
Colin Versnick 2017-2019 MESc Abdolvand/Sun Deformation of all solid-state batteries E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Limited
David Kim 2018-2019 BSc  Abdolvand Hydrogen and zirconium  Bruce Nuclear Generating Station
Dylan Harris 2017-2018 BSc  Abdolvand Hydrogen and zirconium Royal Military College of Canada
Gamal Assad 2017-2018 BSc Abdolvand Hydrogen and zirconium Orgashell