• Apreo-2S Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope and Bruker High Resolution Electron Backscatter Diffraction Detector: See relevant photos here.  An example of the data set measured by this SEM/EBSD sysetm can be found here.
  • NEW: we are installing an in-situ SEM rig for deforming materials at elevated temperatures. This system will be operational by the end 2023.
  • An in-situ high temperature nano-indentaiton system and a high temperature creep + corrosion testing system (with Prof. Robert Klassen). See relevant videos and photos on our Instagram account
  • Fume hood, polishing and electro-polishing facilities
  • Controlled hydriding facility 
  • ABAQUS License for parallel computing and developing user subroutines.
  • Several work station with total of 128 threads, and 384 GB RAM.
We also visit the following Labs to conduct our research: