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All program and program requirement related questions can be emailed to:

  • Please note due to privacy concerns - no applications inquiries can be addressed over the phone. 
  • Please note during peak periods there may be a delay in response. Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply. 

All Application related inquiries please email or call the dedicated Help Line 519-850-2341

Frequently Asked Questions

'My IELTS or TOEFL results do not meet the minimum requirement'

The department does require that the minimum score requirement is met in order to be admitted to the program. You will have to make arrangements to either retake your test or try another testing method to improve the scores. 


The School of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies has a partnership with CultureWorks and the Western English Language Center (WELC), an English Language training program on campus. These partnerships allows academically eligible students interested in pursuing a graduate degree at Western the opportunity to receive a conditional offer of admission to either the MESc or PhD program without successful completion of an English Language test. The condition is that the student must, in lieu of such a test, successfully complete the Culture Works or WELC English Language training program. Please note this option is not available for applicants to the MEng program.

Admission to Culture Works or WELC does not guarantee admission to the ECE program.

Culture Works Website

Western English Language Centre Website (WELC)

'My visa application was not processed in time'

If your study permit or visa application was not approved in time to begin your studies at the beginning of the term you may request a Deferral of Enrollment. If approved by the program this will defer you to the next term. Please note deferrals are not guaranteed and subject to Department approval. Deferrals are only processed for ONE term and can only be requested by a student on ONE occasion. After which time if you are still unable to arrive for the new study period your admission will be cancelled and you will have to reapply to the program. If you would like to request a deferral please contact before your study period begins and request one.

'I applied for MESc but have not been chosen by a supervisor'

Your application will remain active until the term you have applied for begins. At any point during this time you could be admitted. Alternatively, if you would like to be considered for the MEng program please email and your application will be added to the pool of MEng candidates.

'I applied for MESc/PhD, am I required to find my own supervisor?'

While applicants are not required to find their own supervisor, the department recommends all applicants to the MESc and PhD programs review our faculty webpage and personally contact any faculty member they would like as their supervisor. Once your application is complete and has been assessed your application will be made available to our faculty.

'I have applied for Fall but I cannot submit my documents before the deadline'

If you cannot submit the required documents before the listed deadlines your application will remain open and on hold until the term you have applied for begins. Once your documents have been submitted and your application is completed it will be reviewed for admission to the upcoming available term. If documents are submitted past the application close deadline we cannot guarantee your application can be considered for the term to which you applied. If your application cannot be considered for that term your completed application will be moved to the next available term.

'How Much will my Tuition be?'

Tuition and fee amounts are posted at the start of each term in your student centre.  A detailed breakdown of tuition fees is also available from the Office of the Registrar.