Electronics Shop Projects

Isolation Modules

We have designed and built a wide variety of equipment in the Electronics Shop.  Here are a few examples:

s354 Laser Communicator

  • The laser communicator frequency modulates a red laser. The transmitted signal is demodulated and monitored with a computer speaker.
  • Laser Communicator Laser Communicator Laser Communicator

s366 Conductivity Meter

  • The conductivity meter has a synchronized selectable multiple-frequency sine wave current drive. The unit uses the synchronous nature of the waveform to perform sinusoidal averaging and detection for noise reduction.
  • Conductivity Meter Conductivity Meter Conductivity Meter

s425 Voltage and Current Isolation Amplifiers

  • The voltage and current isolation amplifiers have 1500 Vrms isolation. The input signal can be either DC or AC with up to 90 kHz bandwidth.
  • Isolation Amplifier Isolation Amplifier Isolation Amplifier

s521 Voltage and Current Transducers

  • The 3-phase voltage transducer boxes accept up to 250V per phase. The 3-phase current transducer boxes accept up to 10A per phase. Each phase has variable offset and gain. The output is -10 to +10VDC for use with a data acquisition system. Additionally, a TTL to CMOS conversion box was created for this project.
  • Current Transducer Box Current Transducer Box TTL to CMOS Box

s595 Electromagnet Control Box

  • The electromagnet control box powers 16 pairs of electromagnets - the voltage to each pair is variable using the potentiometers. Hall effect sensors detect loss of contact between the electromagnet and its metal plate triggering the power to the electromagnet to turn off.
  • Electromagnet Control Box Electromagnet Control Box Electromagnet Control Box