Accommodations in London

Located within the walking distance to the conference venue, Western's owned accommodations are open for business throughout the entire summer and available to host CSME-CFDSC Congress 2019 participants. More information about them can be found on their websites: Western Bed and Breakfast and Windermere Manor. Information on block reservations by CSME-CFDSC Congress 2019 coming soon. 

In addition to Western-owned accommodations, few other suggested options are:

The Park Hotel

Delta London Armouries Hotel

Information on block reservations and group rates for CSME-CFDSC Congress 2019 coming soon. 

Besides the accommodations above, CSME-CFDSC Congress 2019 participants can also can also check out other options that are available throughout the city. While many of them are located in city's downtown that is about 5 km away from Western's campus, other locations are also possible, such that a city map might become useful.