Abstract / Poster Templates

New this year, authors in the CSME or CFDSC tracks may submit their research in either an abstract OR full paper format.

Both abstract and full paper submissions are eligible to be considered for podium presentation. If you submit an abstract, there is no subsequent opportunity to submit a full paper.

To be considered for journal publication or for student paper competitions, you must submit a full paper. High-ranking papers may be considered for publication in CSME Transactions, or another special journal issue. Otherwise, papers will be published in the CSME-CFDSC conference proceedings. Students who wish to have their work considered for the paper competition must submit full papers.

Note that both formats (abstract or paper) share the same submission deadline.

For authors preparing an abstract, please use the CSME-CFDSC Abstract Template (Click here to down the .doc template).

For authors preparing a full paper, please use the CSME-CFDSC Paper Template (Click here to down the .doc template).

For authors preparing an abstract for the Industry 4.0 Symposium, please use the Industry 4.0 Abstract Template (including bio) (Click here to down the .doc template).

Instructions for submitting your abstract / poster can be found here