Guidelines for Paper / Abstract Submission

Remember: You may choose to submit either and abstract OR a full paper. Both abstract and full paper submissions are eligible to be considered for podium presentation. If you submit an abstract, there is no subsequent opportunity to submit a full paper. To be considered for journal publication or for student paper competitions, you must submit a full paper.


  1. Prepare your abstract/paper using the corresponding templates available on the conference website
  2. All submission MUST be in the PDF format
  3. Each submission MUST designate a presenting author
  4. Each presenting author is allowed up to two submissions.
  5. Go to the abstract/paper submission portal (Submission Portal)
  6. New users must create an account (Click here to create an account)
  7. Once you have logged into the account, click on to “Create new submission” and select the appropriate track
  8. Enter the required details and select the topic area suitable for your submission
  9. Upload your submission (one PDF per submission)
  10. Must answer the mandatory questions
  11. Authors are allowed to edit their submissions up until the submission deadline


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