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Murray Morrison
Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Bartlett FM, Galsworthy JK, Henderson D, Hong HP, Iizumi E, Inculet DR, Kopp GA, Morrison M,
      Savory E, Sabarinathan J, Sauer A, Scott J, St Pierre LM, Surry D, 2006. The Three Little Pigs
      Project: A new test facility for full-scale small buildings. 12th International Conference on Wind
, 1-6 July, Cairns, Australia. Vol. 2, Paper T2D2, pp. 1623-1630.
Morrison MJ, Martinuzzi RJ, Savory E & Kopp GA, 2006. Vortex shedding from slender surface
       mounted pyramids. Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Forum, 21-24 May,
       Kananaskis, Canada.   Full paper

Academic work

Morrison MJ, 2006. Vortex shedding from small apex angle pyramids. MESc Thesis, The
       University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.

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