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Eric Savory

Boundary-layer flow over circular and elliptical cavities.
Jets issuing into a cross-flow.
Axial-flow fan design for automotive engine cooling applications (Siemens VDO).
Downburst outflow wind loads on power transmission lines (Manitoba Hydro, CEATI). 
Mould growth in housing as part of the Three Little Pigs Project.

View my research poster(s):
Automotive fan component CFD modelling for design
Dynamics of flow and pollutant dispersion in urban street canyons
Vortex-dominated flows around 3-D surface-mounted bluff bodies
Vorticity and circulation within twin jets issuing into a crossflow
Water flume study of buoyant plume rise and dispersion from stacks
Scaling of ground plane pressure field around surface-mounted bluff bodies
High resolution Laser Doppler Velocimetry for blood flow studies
Concentration fluctuations in urban street canyon pollutant dispersion  

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