Optimized Computing and Communications (OC2) LabWestern Engineering

Autonomous vehicles management and Security

Autonomous vehicles (AV) technology is a fast-paced technology which provides an ideal solution to increase safety and reduce traffic collisions and related costs including for insurance, in addition to, increase mobility, decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction. On the other hand, Autonomous vehicles bring unprecedented vulnerabilities and cybersecurity challenges that must be overcome before the autonomous and connected vehicle can be widely adopted

This research focuses on determining the minimum number and type of sensors needed by the vehicle to function as expected. These sensors will form the basis of the data acquisition (DAQ) module to be installed in the AV. The goal is to explore approaches to create high definition maps using a minimal number of sensors.

Another objective of this research is to identify security threats and proposing different paradigms to protect AVs. The goal is to explore different promising architectures and algorithms that can help protect AVs against various network attacks and detect whenever intrusions occur.