Ghazal Nourian Ghazal received her Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (Iran), and completed her Master’s degree at University of Tehran (Iran). Ghazal joined the Nanophotonic Energy Materials lab on September 2019 and is currently conducting research on algorithmic fabrication of 3D nanostructures, and devloping new stereolithography techniques.


Seyed Soroush Sadatifar Soroush graduated with his B.Sc. in mechanical engineering at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM). He started his MESc degree in January of 2019. His research interests include solar energy, nanophotonics, nanotechnology, and renewable energy systems. He is working on optimizations of photovoltaics for building integrated photovoltaics, as well as improved designs of solar cell contact configurations.

Didulani Salwathura Acharige Didulani is a graduate of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka where she received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics. Didulani began her graduate studies in the group in September 2019. Her project is looking at ways to utilize machine learning and artificial neural networks to improve the algorithmic design of nanophotonic structures.


Amandine Drew Amandine is currently in the last year of her undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Materials Engineering. She is passionate about renewable energy and excited by the field of photovoltaics and how potential applications can positively impact the planet we call home. Her thesis project investigates ways that structuring the surface and back contacts of solar cells can improve their optical properties, and thereby efficiencies. She is also on the Western University rowing team.

Alaa Boucher Alaa is an undergraduate student in the Mechatronic Systems Engineering program. Her work in the lab focuses on improvements to evolutionary algorithms for automated design of nanophotonic devices, in particular finding new ways to include new constraints enforcing fabrication limits on the geometries produced by the algorithms. She is now currently working with a group on the capstone project: designing a variable focal length lens. She finds pleasure in challenging problems, is self-motivated and shows exceptional attention to details. She is excited to finish university soon and experience working in the field.