Dr. Eric Johlin


Dr. Johlin is currently an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering department at Western. He received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena in 2009. He went on to do his Masters of Science and Doctoral degrees co-advised in the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science departments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, finishing in 2014. His post-doctoral work was performed at AMOLF's Center for Nanophotonics in Amsterdam for three years following his PhD.

Research interests

My research interests are predicated on developing new devices, materials, and understanding of optoelectronics, particularly in relation to the creation of clean energy and photovoltaics. I specifically focus on the use of nanostructures to both improve performance, as well as create new functionality otherwise not possible in photonic devices. 

My work combines a confluence of experiments, theory, and simulations, at length-scales ranging from atomistic modeling, to macroscopic device characterization. This is rooted in the importance of atomic-scale effects on full nanostructured devices, but also due to the great potential that computational and algorithmic design and optimization can bring to experimental device creation.

I strive to be mindful of the need for research to leave the laboratory as well, focusing the work in my lab on areas that can benifit society, through the discovery of improvements to clean energy, to the improvend fundamental understanding of nanophotonics, and its applicability to interdiciplinary fields of study. In the same vein, I also aim to ensure that the devices designed and demonstrated in my research utilize techniques applicable to large-scale industrial processing, whenever possible. 


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