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Synopsys software used both for academic research and in-class Training

  • Custom IC
  • SiP
  • Digital IC
  • Verification

Undergraduate Courses

  • ECE3349 - Introduction to VLSI
  • ECE3480 - VLSI and Microelectronics

Graduate Courses

  • ECE9707- Digital Systems Design Using FPGAs
  • ECE9701 - Behavioural Modelling of Mixed-Signal Systems
  • ECE9706 - Analog IC Design
  • ECE9750 - Analog Circuit Design Techniques at 0.5Vs
  • ECE9751 - RF Microelectronics

Research Projects

Prof. A. Dounavis:

    • Circuit Reduction Techniques

Prof. A. Reyhani-Masoleh:

    • Algorithms and VLSI architectures for computations in finite fields
    • Fault-tolerant computing
    • Error-control coding
    • Analog/Mixed-signal IC design
    • Behavioural modelling of mixed-signal systems

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