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Industry Internship and Trainee Mobility

Through industry oriented research projects and internships, trainees supported by CREATE program will be exposed to industry related problems and working environment from the beginning of their study. 

Both technical and professional skills needed by industry will be developed during the CREATE training. Immediate job readiness upon their graduations is expected within the industrial sector particularly our nine industry partners including IBM, Ericsson and Nutaq (Lyrtech).

Mobility of the trainees among the participating domestic and international institutions will enable the students to access a larger pool of collective research expertise and facilities and further expose themselves to all necessary knowledge for their research and professional development. A number of selected trainees will have exchange opportunity at the international collaborator's research labs. This will allow students to gain knowledge from experts in the various fields and accumulate valuable working experience in different research environment. All researchers of the CREATE program have extensive international research collaborations and international student exchange will involve collaborating universities of the Co-PIs in countries such as USA, Russia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and China.