Communications Security, Privacy and CyberethicsWestern Engineering

CSPC Training

Training of our graduate and undergraduate students in the CSPC program will be centred around the future career development of the trainees by considering:

The needs of the current and future employers and the job market;
HQP’s sustainable employability;
Life-long learning and career development. 

Our CSPC training program has been carefully designed by our leading researchers worldwide. The proposed NSERC CREATE program will provide a unique training experience for the next generation of HQP in CSPC follows:

Training of well-rounded HQP with up-to-date technical, professional and business skills in communications system and network design by precise alignment of the CSPC program with the needs of ICT industry through industry-oriented collaborative research and training;

Development of a sustainable NSERC CREATE program in communication security, privacy and cyberethics through efficient program management, long-term financial sustainability and rigorous HQP recruitment;

Creation of an integrated HQP training environment by consolidating the collective world-class research expertise and training facilities of participating universities and industry partners. The combined expertise in the fields of engineering, science, law, psychology, and business studies will provide HQP a unique training environment in communications security, privacy and cyberethics;

Maximizing the impact of the CREATE program and value-added experience of HQP through individualized training, research, and industrial collaboration. The proposed CSPC program will bridge individual interests of each trainee and future industry needs through individualized multidisciplinary course selection, industrial internships, and student exchange to better prepare the CREATE HQP for their future careers in industry, government or academia.