Communications Security, Privacy and CyberethicsWestern Engineering

About CSPC

The rapid deployment of broadband communications infrastructure over the past few decades, in conjunction with ubiquitous computing facilities and smart applications, have brought the urgency of communication security enhancement and privacy protection in our increasingly networked society.

Modern information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructures are susceptible to widespread all kinds of security threats. With the recent emergence of many smart ICT applications, including notably cloud computing, smart grids and e-health, much of our networked society is increasingly dependent on a secure communications infrastructure. Unfortunately, the existing knowledge, design theories and – importantly – engineering training programs centering on communications security provisioning and privacy protection are significantly trailing behind the explosive expansion of the ICT industry. 

The main goal of the NSERC CREATE Program in Communications Security, Privacy and Cyberethics (CSPC) is to enhance the engineering research training experience by providing Canadian Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) particularly graduate students with the up-to-date technical knowledge, immediate job readiness and life-long professional skills that address the existing and future security and privacy needs of the ever-changing ICT industry.