Graduate Engineering Co-op Programs

Students in a Master of Engineering (MEng) program may enroll in the Master of Engineering (MEng) with Co-op Option program.

Graduate students will have the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on, industry experience that is relevant to their academic field that will assist them in their career advancements. This option will allow graduate students to complete a co-op in an industrial organization to enhance experiential learning and engage in other learning activities of practical interest. Students will also build a professional network with employers and colleagues within the field.

Students registered in this option would complete a co-op comprised of one term in addition to the three terms of the regular MEng program (total program length will be 4 terms). For students in the combined MEng-GDip program, who opt-in to the co-op option, the total program length will be 5 terms. In exceptional cases, if a student secures a co-op longer than one term, the total length of the program will be extended accordingly.

As of September 2023, any student starting their MEng program after that date will have the opportunity to apply to take part in the co-op option.  


Master of Engineering (MEng) with Co-op Option