Geotechnical Research Centre

GRC Alumni

The following is a partial list of GRC alumni. The GRC has over 300 alumni, world-wide.

NOTE: The position of the alumnus may have changed.

Chris D. Thompson, MESc'65
Technical Director, EXP, Brampton 

Yung Duk Kim, PhD'70
Past President & CEO, Hyundai Corporation, New York 

Chack Fan Lee, PhD'72

Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Hong Kong 

K. Tim Law, PhD'75
Retired Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Carlton University 

Dennis E. Becker, PhD'81
Principal, Golder Associates, Calgary 

Henry Crawford, MESc'84

Principal, Thurber Engineering Limited, Calgary 

L.M. El-Hifnawy, PhD'84

Professor and Chair, Structural Engineering Dept., Alexandria University, Egypt

Robert Ng, PhD’84
Principal Consultant, Peto MacCallum Limited

Toyo Ogawa, PhD'86
Chief Rock Mechanics Engineer, Taisei Corp., Japan 

Ernest Yanful, PhD'86

Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Western University 

Nadir Ansari, MESc'87
President and Designer, Isherwood Associates, Mississauga 

Young Nam Lee, PhD'88
Vice-President, GS Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd., Korea

Clement Yuen, PhD'79

Senior Consultant, Golder Associates, Mississauga

Frank Barone, PhD'90
Principal, Golder Associates, Mississauga

Brian L.J. Mylleville, PhD'91
Principal and Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Golder Associates, British Columbia

Edward San, MESc'91

Sr. Environmental Engineer, Golder Associates, Markham

M. Hesham El Naggar, PhD'94

Professor and Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies,
Western University, Faculty of Engineering

Sean Hinchberger, PhD'96

Global Discipline Director, Civil Engineering, Hatch, Niagara Falls

Michael Baldinelii, MESc'99

President, Baldinelli Consulting Limited, London

Silvana Micic, PhD02

Sr. Geotechnical Engineering, EXP, Brampton

Hany El Naggar, PhD'07
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Dalhousie University, Halifax

Jason Weck, MESc'07

Engineering Manager, RWH Engineering Inc.

Mohammad Rayhani, PhD 07

Associate Professor, Carleton University

Alper Turan, PhD'08
Principal Engineer, SABIC, Saudi Arabia