Implant Development
Based on both anthropometric measurements and kinematic studies in our simulator, we have developed with Wright Medical Technologies a radial head replacement which is based on the concept of modularity. We are currently working on a wrist implant, designed to improve the kinematics of the joint and reduce loads on the implant-bone structure.

The "Evolve" radial head implant was developed in our laboratory in conjunction with Wright Medical Technology. Five head sizes can be matched with any of the five stems to achieve a more anatomically correct implant. A morse-taper is used to achieve fixation between the two components.
We have also explored the efficacy of custom-made implants, based on the concept of "reverse-engineering" of an implant from an image. Using an MRI image of the radial head, a machine code is automatically generated that machines an identical match of the bone surface from either plastic or metal. Thus, it is possible to produce an exact match of the patients joint, which we postulate will result in a more anatomical fit, improving wear and reducing joint stresses.

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