Fracture Fixation
A number of studies in our laboratory have assessed different fixation techniques for fractures of the elbow and wrist. Simulated fractures are created in cadaveric specimens and then reconstructed using different techniques of fracture fixation. Structural stiffness of the reconstruction is measured (usually with an electromagnetic tracking system) for simulated loading.
Biomechanical analysis of fixation of the fractured olecranon of the elbow. Receivers of an electromagnetic tracking system are attached to measure motion in an anatomical reference system.

Our wrist testing apparatus was employed to study different techniques to "fix" wrist fractures. Computer-controlled pneumatic actuators were used to load various tendons that cross the wrist and elbow and hence simulate different wrist motions. The "Flock of Birds" electromagnetic tracking system was used to measure the stability across a simulated fracture in specimens. Pins, plates and external fixation systems have all been tested.

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