Western Fluidization Group

Students in front of Spencer Engineering Building
Garret Book, MESc student and current WFG member.

Research Input


  • CFI Grant for F. Berruti, C. Briens and others
  • NSERC Discovery Grants for F. Berruti, C. Briens and L. Briens
  • NSERC CRD over a period of 5 years to match the industrial funding contribution of Syncrude
  • A special University of Western Ontario grant
  • ADF Major Grant to re-assemble and provide full instrumentation to a thermal cracking pilot plant that has been donated to the WFG by Syncrude
  • MMO collaborative grant combined with an NSERC-CRD grant over 2 years to conduct research in collaboration with Accucaps Industries Ltd on the manufacturing of soft gelatin capsules
  • MMO collaborative grant of over 2 years with Agri-Therm for research on the development of a compact mobile pyrolyzer for the conversion of agricultural wastes
  • Imperial Oil research grant over 3 years
  • Contract with Dynamotive over three years to study the catalytic upgrading of bio-oil by gasification
  • Syncrude donated a pilot plant fluid bed coking reactor
  • Funding from Total to build a high pressure fluidized bed column