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Thomas Hering
Journal Articles

Hering T & Savory E, 2007. Flow regimes and drag characteristics of yawed elliptical cavities
       with varying depth. ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering 129(12):1577-1583.

Conference Papers

Dybenko J, Hering T & Savory E, 2006. Turbulent flow over circular cylindrical cavities with varying
       depth to diameter ratio. International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences Congress,
3-8 September, Hamburg, Germany.
Hering T, Dybenko J & Savory E, 2006. Experimental verification of CFD modeling of turbulent flow
       over circular cavities. Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering Forum, 21-24 May,
       Kananaskis, Canada.   Full paper   Presentation

Academic work

Hering T, 2006. Lift and drag of yawed elliptical cavities with varying depths.
       MESc Thesis, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.   PDF format (2 MB)

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