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Roi Gurka
Selected Journal Articles

Gurka R, Liberzon A & Hetsroni G, 2005. Characterization of turbulent flow in a flume with
       surfactant using PIV. Journal of Fluids Engineering, 126:1054-1057.
Liberzon A, Gurka R, Tiselj I & Hetsroni G, 2005. Spatial characterization of the numerically
       simulated vorticity fields of a flow in a flume. Theoretical and Computation Fluid Dynamics,
Gurka R, Hetsroni G, Liberzon A, Nikitin N & Tsinober A, 2004. On turbulent energy production in
       wall bounded flows. Physics of Fluids, 16:2704-2707.
Gurka R, Liberzon A & Hetsroni G, 2004. Detecting coherent patterns in a flume by using PIV and
       IR imaging techniques. Experiments in Fluids, 37:230-236

Conference Papers

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Complete publications list

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