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Jason Bourgeois
Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Bourgeois J, Savory E, Martinuzzi R, Zhang C & Roberts D, 2008. Comparison of
       turbulence model predictions for an aero-engine centrifugal compressor stage.
       Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Forum, 5-8 June, Ottawa, Canada.
Bourgeois JA, Savory E, Martinuzzi RJ, 2007. Numerical analysis of an aero-engine
       centrifugal compressor stage. 21st Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics, 3-7 June,
       Toronto, Canada.

Academic work

Bourgeois JA, 2008. Numerical studies with validation for better aero-engine centrifugal
      compressor design. MESc Thesis, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.   
      PDF format (22 MB)

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