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Graham Hunt
Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Abu-Ramadan E, Dybenko J, Savory E, Hunt AG & Martinuzzi RJ, 2007. Stator and support arm
       aerodynamic performance for automotive engine cooling fans with realistic inlet conditions.
       SAE World Congress, 16-19 April, Detroit, MI, USA. Paper 04HX-59.
Gifford NL, Hunt AG, Savory E & Martinuzzi RJ, 2006. Experimental study of low-pressure
       automotive cooling fan aerodynamics under blocked conditions. Canadian Society of Mechanical
       Engineering Forum
, 21-24 May, Kananaskis, Canada.   Full paper   Presentation
Hunt AG, Savory E & Martinuzzi RJ, 2006. Stator performance for automotive cooling fans with
      unsteady inlet conditions. SAE World Congress, 3-6 April, Detroit, USA. SAE Paper 06HX-24.

Academic work

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