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Brian Vermeire
Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Vermeire BC, Orf LG & Savory E, 2010. A parametric study of near surface downburst
     line outflows. 5th International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering,
     23-27 May, Chapel Hill, NC, USA.
Vermeire BC, Orf LG & Savory E, 2009. A comparison of transient impinging jet and
     cooling source downburst models. 5th European Conference on Severe Storms,
     12-16 October, Landshut, Germany.
Vermeire B, Sutton J, de Castro C, Ahmad Z, & Tryggvason B, 2008. Google Lunar X-Prize: Lunar
       rover wheel and gear articulation system. Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Forum,
       5-8 June, Ottawa, Canada.

Academic work

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