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Protection & Automation Laboratories at UWO


Protection and Automation Laboratories’ state of art unique facilities provide excellent platform, to conduct innovative research, and also to develop prototype for the real world implementation of research innovation.


A total three laboratories have been set-up at UWO are as follows:


1)                  Supported by GE (General Electric) Multilin


GE 1

Photo of GE Digital Energy Innovation Lab inauguration (left to right: Dr. Tarlochan Sidhu, Professor and Chair of  ECE Dept. at University of Western Ontario,  Larry Sollecito President & CEO, Juan Macias, General Manager, Protection & Control, GE Digital Energy)



2)                  Supported by Schweitzer Engineering Lab Inc.

GE 2

            In Photo Partial view of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory with latest protective relay panels.


3) Power System Simulation Laboratory





Laboratory Facilities

There laboratories have extensive and unique facilities for research in the area of power system protection and automation.


1.      Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) and Real-Time Playback Simulator (RTP)




2.      DSP-based relay development systems



3.      Prototype development facilities for IEC 61850 based Substation Automation & Protection



4.      Commercial Protective Relays

Varieties of latest commercial protective relays are available in laboratories from various manufacturers.



5.      RuggedCom Communication Network Devices with Time Synchronization Capabilities



6.      Rack mount Industrial Computers for building  prototypes development of Protection & Automation Devices


7.      Major Softwares


i)                    QNX Real-Time Operating System (



ii)                   Communication network simulation tool: OPNET  (



iii)                 PSCAD for Power System Transient Analysis





iv)                 MATLAB for New Protection Algorithms and Scheme Developments




v)                  SISCO MMS Easy Lite for IEC 61850





vi)                 PSS®E : High-Performance Transmission Planning Application for the Power Industry (