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Srichand Injeti, M.E.Sc., Effect of Packet Scheduling in Substation Intelligent Electronic Devices on Time Critical Message Delays”, completed Dec. 2009
Nima Hejazi, M.E.Sc., “Effect of Induction on Control/Signal Cables on Shunt Capacitor Bank Protective Schemes”, completed 2009
M. Dadashzadeh, Ph.D., "A Method of Creating Distance Protection Relays using Field Programmable Analog Arrays”, completed April 2009
Khalid Khan, M.E.Sc., “A Fault location Technique for Three-Terminal Transmission Lines”, completed 2009
Upeka Premaratne, M.E.Sc., “Information security analysis and auditing of IEC61850 automated substations”, completed 2009
Babak Jamail, M.E.Sc., “Behavior of Busbar Differential Relays with Air-gap Core Current Transformers”, completed 2008
Harkishan Jashnani, M.Eng., “Study Of Radio Noise in Electrical Substation in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Bands”, completed 2008
Ming Jin, Ph.D., “Splitting Control for Large Scale Power Systems”, completed, Nov. 2007.
German Rosas, Ph.D., “Accelerated Zone-2 Trip Algorithm for a Non-Pilot Distance Relay”, completed Nov. 2007
Fadhel Al-Basari, Ph.D., "Impact of Shunt-Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) on Distance Based Transmission Line Protection”, completed Nov. 2007.
Vijayasarthi Muthukrishnan, M.E.Sc., “Enhanced Numerical Breaker Failure Protection”, completed Aug. 2007.
Balamourougan, Ph.D., "High Speed Protection Relay algorithm for Transmission Line Protection and Fast Bus Transfer Schemes", Completed January 2007
Gagan Toor, M.E.Sc., "Web-Based Energy Predictive Energy Cost System", Completed December 2006
Tamije Selvy Munian, Ph.D., "A Client-Server Paradigm for Enhanced Simulation of Power Systems", Completed December 2006
Pradeep Kumar Gangadharan, Ph.D., "A Transmission Line Differential Protection Immune to High Degree of CT Saturation", Completed November 2006
Yujie Yin, M.E.Sc, "Performance Evaluation of IEC61850 Based Substation Automation Communication Networks", Completed Aug. 2006
Harjeet S. Birdi, M.Sc., "Power Quality Analysis Using Relay Recorded Data", Completed June 2006
Sandro Perez, Ph.D., "Modelling Relay for Power System Protection Studies", Dec 2006 (co-supervised with Dr. M. Sachdev)
Dr. Kai Sun, Post-Doctoral Fellow, "Power System Splitting Strategies", Jan. 2005 – Dec. 2005
Dr. J-H. Park, Post-Doctoral Fellow, "System Parameter Identification", Feb. 2004 – Jan. 2006
A. Cojucaru, M.E.Sc., "Influence of Thyristor-Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC) on Distance Protection of Transmission Lines", Completed Dec. 2005. (co-supervised with Dr. R. Varma)
E. Demeter, Ph.D., "A Digital Relaying Algorithm for Integrated Power System Protection and Control", Completed July 2005
Dr. M. Khederzadeh, Post-Doctoral Fellow, "Protection of Flexible AC Transmission System", Feb. 2004 to Dec, 2004
Amitpal Bimbhra, M.Sc., "An Impedance Relay design and The Impact of Anti-Aliasing Filters on its Performance", Completed April 2004. (co-supervised with Dr. M. S. Sachdev)
L. Mital, M.Sc., "A Comprehensive Analysis Technique for MFFN-based Relays", Completed July 2003. (Presently working for Matrikon Inc., Edmonton, Alberta)
Xudong Zhang, M.E.Sc., "Phasor Estimation Algorithms for Microprocessor-Based Protective Relays", Completed June 2003.
Tamije Selvy, M.Sc., "A Feasibility Study for Protecting Transmission Lines Using Traveling Waves", Completed Sept. 2002.
Balamourougan Vinyagam, M.Sc., "On-Line Prediction of Voltage Collapse", Completed June 2002.
Dr. David Sebastian, Post-Doctoral Fellow, "Adaptive Protection and Fault Location", Program started in Aug. 2000 – Completed July 2002.
P. Poornalingam, M.Sc. "A Microprocessor-Based System for On-Line Tracking of Power System Harmonics", Completed June 2002 (Presently working for GE Canada).
D. Ghotra, M.Sc. "A Fast Distance Relay using Adaptive Data Window Filters", Completed - April 2001 (Employed by Nortel Networks, Calgary).
G. Sagoo, M.Sc. "On-Line Detection and Location of Arcing Faults in Metal-Clad Electrical Equipment", Completed - November 2000. (Employed by GE Canada, Markham, Ontario)
P. Dhakal, Ph.D. "Computer Aided Design of Substation Switching Schemes", Completed May 2000. (Employed by Nortel Networks, Ottawa, Ontario)
Harjeet Gill, Ph.D. “A Microprocessor-Based System for Protecting Busbars", Completed March 2000. (Employed by ABB USA)
Ping Ye, M.Sc “A New Accelerated Trip Scheme for Second-Zone Distance Protection”, Completed - June 1999. (Employed by SNC Lavalin, Montreal)
Gurdeep Singh, M.Sc. "Microprocessor Based System for Detecting and Locating Electric Arcs", Completed - January 1998. (Employed by IBM Canada)
Ratan Das, Ph.D. "Determining Locations of Faults in Distribution Systems", Completed - January 1998. (Employed by ABB USA)
Harjeet Gill, M.Sc “An Algorithm for Protecting Power Transformers, Completed - July 1997. (Continued for Ph.D. at the University of Saskatchewan)
M. Hfuda, M.Sc., “A Generalized Technique for Generating Software Models of Microprocessor-Based Relays", Completed- June 1997. (Employed by Wascana Energy, Canada)
O. Cruder, M.Sc., "Alarm-Based Diagnosis in Power Systems Using Abductive Inference", Completed - 1996. (Employed by Critical Control Corp., Canada)
H. Singh, M.Sc., "An Artificial Neural Network-Based Fault Direction Discriminator for Protecting Transmission Lines", Completed - 1994. (Employed by Intel Corp. USA)
M. Muchayi, M.Sc., "Performance of Digital Distance Relay Algorithms for Protecting Transformer Terminated Lines", Completed - 1994. (Continued for Ph.D. at DalTech, Halifax)
B. Sunga, M.Sc., "Stator Winding Protection of a Synchronous Generator", Completed - Jan. 1994.(Employed by B.C. Hydro, Canada)
Z. Ao, M.Sc., "A Comprehensive Stability Investigation of the Athabasca-Points North Power System", Completed - Jan.1994. (Employed by GE Canada)
Dr. Y. Zhu, Visiting Scholar, "Topology Determination using Expert System", North China Univ. of Electric Power, China, 1997
C. Lan, Visiting Scholar, "Contingency Screening for Steady-State Security Analysis", Shandog Univ. of Technology, China, 1997-98