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DR. SIDHU's research experience and interests are in the area of power systems. Specifically, he has carried out work in the fields of power system protection and monitoring. He is particularly interested in applications of microprocessors, computers and newer technologies for achieving improved protection and monitoring of power systems. His work involves design, implementation and testing of relays and power system instrumentation that use digital signal processing, artificial intelligence techniques and other novel methods.

His work has led to new algorithms for protecting transformers, transmission lines, generators and bus-bars. After several years of work, Dr. Sidhu has developed a new technique for measurement of power system frequency. This technique provides frequency estimates accurate to 0.001Hz in 20-30 ms. Some of the current research projects deal with modeling, simulation and testing of relays, estimating locations of faults in distribution and transmission systems, developing a novel instrumentation for detecting arcing faults in power system equipment, novel techniques for adaptive protection of transmission lines, new hardware design concepts for microprocessor relays and a measuring system for real-time tracking of harmonics in power systems. Dr. Sidhu's research activities are supported by a well-equipped laboratory that has facilities for developing and studying relays and power system instrumentation. The results of research are reported in about 200 papers that are published in national and international journals and conference proceedings. Four papers won awards given by the IEEE Power Engineering Society, IEEE Power Engineering Education Committee, IEEE Power System Relaying Committee and IEE (UK).

Consulting Activities/Interests
Power system protection and monitoring, Application of microprocessors, computers and artificial intelligence in power systems, Design, implementation and testing of relays and power system instrumentation.

  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering                                                      (citation at
  • Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada                                                       (citation at
  • Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  • Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK).
  • Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India).
  • Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.
  • Chartered Engineer in the UK.