Dr.  K. Y. Lo - Tunnel Projects


(Acted as Specialist Consultant and Expert Witness)

Assessment of design of Weston Tunnel (2012-2013)
Clients:  Isherwood | Kenaidan

Design and monitoring of King Street Tunnel (2012-2013)
Clients:  Isherwood | Technicore

Investigation, analysis design and construction monitoring of Billy Bishop Tunnel - Island Airport (2011-2013)
Clients:  Isherwood | EXP |Technicore

Investigation of swelling in Chagrin Shale in Euclid Creek Tunnel, Cleveland, USA (2009)
Client:  Hatch Mott MacDonald (USA)

Evaluation of rock swelling in La Higuera HEPP project tunnel, Chile (2009)
Client:  Golder Associates

Conceptual design of intake and discharge tunnels for Nuclear Power Plant - Darlington "B" (2009)
Clients:  SNC Lavalin | Ontario Power Generation

Site evaluation of Nuclear Power Plant - Darlington "B" (2009)
Clients:  AMEC | Ontario Power Generation

Design of soil/rock tunnels for a 3.5 km water main in Toronto (2008-2009)
Clients:  Trow International | City of Toronto

Evaluation of roof instability during construction of large diameter tunnel (2008)
Client:  Ontario Power Generation

Deep geologic repository - evaluation of swelling potential of host rocks Phase 1 and 2 (2007-2009)
Clients:  Ontario Power Generation | INTERA

Investigation of a 10 km water conveyance tunnel in highly swelling shale in Kentucky (2007-2008)
Clients:  Thelon Associates (USA)

Evaluation of interaction and impact of Simcoe St. tunnel (Enwave) on rail overpass structures at Union Station, Toronto (2006)
Client:  Morrison Hershfield

Evaluation of "differing site conditions" and construction problems in a shaly formation in Tunnel "B" in Ohio, USA (2006)
Client:  MWH (USA)

Determination of cause of cracking of Fletcher's Creek sewer tunnel (2005)
Client:  Golder Associates

Development of thin spray-on liner for the application to concrete lining in TTC tunnels (2004-2009)
Client:  Toronto Transit Commission

Panel of safety assessment of subway tunnels of Toronto Transit Commission for Yonge line, Bloor-Danforth and University lines (2002-2008)
Client:  Toronto Transit Commission

Evaluation of construction problems and "differing site conditions" in tunnel "A" - Cleveland (2002-2004)
Client:  MWH (USA)

Final design of remedial measures for Heart Lake Tunnel (2003-2004)
Clients:  Morrison Hershfield | GolderAssociates

Investigation and design of rehabilitation measures for Heart Lake tunnel Phase I (2002-2003)
Clients:  R.V. Anderson | Thurber

Investigation and preliminary design for the proposed Island tunnel in Georgian Bay shale (2001)
Client:  R.V. Anderson | Thurber

GTAA - Pearson International Airport utility tunnels (2000)
Clients:  Isherwood | Klohn Crippen

TTC Yonge Line, Dundas Square at Yonge Street (1999)
Client:  Isherwood Associates

Design of lining for a 13 m diameter tunnel in swelling rock (1999)
Client:  Parsons Brinckerhoff

Conceptual design of SABNGS III 13 m diameter 11 km long tunnel (1993-1998)
Clients:  Hatch Energy | Ontario Power Generation

TTC Yonge Line, Empress Plaza at Yonge Street (1997)
Client:  Isherwood Associates

TTC Sheppard tail-track (1995)
Isherwood Associates

Safety assessment of deep geological depository of high level nuclear waste in granitic and shaly rocks (1990-1997)
Client:  Ministry of Environment Canada

Design of tunnels for Ankara Rapid Transit, Turkey (1990-1992)
Client:  SNC Lavalin

TTC Yonge Line, York Mills at Yonge Street, Trillium III (1990)
Client:  Hatch Associates

TTC Bloor Line, Bloor Street at Sherbourne Street - Toronto Transit Commission (1989)
Client:  Hatch Associates

John St. Outfall Tunnel, 4 m diameter, 270 m long in Georgian Bay shale, near Skydome (1988)
Clients:  Geocon Limited | MacLaren Engineers

Tunnel and shaft design in Queenston formation for the Mid-Halton Water Pollution Control Plant, Oakville, ON (1988)
Client:  Golder Associates

Tunnel through Andes Mountains, Yacambu-Quibor, Venezuela (1987-1989)
Client:  SNC Lavalin

Windsor-Detroit Tunnel (1987-1989)
Client:  Trow International Limited

A complex of pumping station, tunnel and shafts of various dimensions for Toronto downtown water supply, near and beneath Toronto Skydome (1986)
Clients:  Geocon Limited | R.V. Anderson

Research, development, investigation and preliminary design of 13 m diameter tunnel(s) 10 km long for the Niagara River Hydroelectric Power Development in Queenston formation (Circa 1985-1998)
Clients:  Ontario Power Generation | Hatch Energy

Discharge tunnel, Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, 9 m span, 1850 m long (1985)
Client:  Ontario Power Generation

Coldwater intake tunnel, Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, 8 m span, 925 m long in shaly limestone of Lindsay formation (1982)
Client:  Ontario Power Generation

Wesleyville underground storage caverns and connecting tunnels in shaly limestone of the verulum formation (1979)
Client:  Ontario Power Generation (formerly Ontario Hydro)

Heart Lake tunnel (storm sewer) 3 m diameter, 1500 m long in Georgian Bay Shale (1976)
Client:  Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Lakeview tunnel (sewage) 4.3 m diameter, 1433 m long in Georgian Bay shale into Lake Ontario (1975)
Client:  Morton, Dodds & Associates

Easterly intake tunnel (water supply) 4 m diameter, 3048 m long in Collingwood shale into Lake Ontario (1974)
Client:  Morton, Dodds, & Associates

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